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Polypropylene belongs to the class of polyolefins and is a synthetic thermoplastic non-polar polymer. Polypropylene is produced in an industrial scale by polymerisation of propylene with a view of middle and low density and with the assistance of organometallic catalysts.

Polypropylene, as a result of the synthesis is relatively recent. The discovery took place in 1954, when a German organic chemist Karl Ziegler and Italian chemist Giulio Natta created catalysis for olefin polymerization. This invention was marked with the assignment of Nobel Prize to Giulio Natta in the Chemistry in 1963. Nobody forget about Karl Ziegler, the catalysts for polypropylene production were named after him. The first polypropylene - the easiest thermoplastic was found in such a way. Propylene polymerization has the property at temperatures below eighty degrees and a pressure of about ten atmospheres. Nowadays Ziegler-Natta catalysts and are used in the production of the material.

Meanwhile, the development of technology does not stand still. In 1955 at a chemical plant Montecatini company industrial production of polypropylene was launched. After a few years of production capacity has been increased, and the process is improved while using new catalysts.
Since 1959 the polypropylene production has been opened worldwide.  Polymers plants were opened in the U.S.A. In 1963 the factory was opened in the UK, and in 1965 it comes up to the Soviet Union.

West polypropylene production technology and the Soviet Union one differed from each other, but the differences were not particularly significant. Before our time production technology has not changed much. Currently more updated catalysts that can be used to reduce the total amount of hydrocarbons which participate the polymerization of propylene are widely used.

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