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Polypropylene is a chemical that has been specially created for sanitary applications. The main features of this material are its lightness, flexibility and high technical performance in operation. This is precisely why polypropylene is widely used while manufacturing piping systems. Price of the pipeline of this material is equivalent to the price of copper pipe, but specialists prefer the polypropylene because of its durability and versatility.

Polypropylene is used in hot and cold water supply in various forms of exploitation: industrial, agricultural and household. Polypropylene is also used for heating systems. This material is used to create a domestic sewer systems and drainage systems. Polypropylene is also used for the production of product lines, different drainage systems; it is applicable in the medical field.

What is the advantage of polypropylene?

As polypropylene has a sufficiently low density, it has the lowest weight among plastic counterparts. Deformation of the substance is carried out at a sufficiently high temperature 140-175 °С. The collapse temperature of the material can be increased by addition of special additives.

Pipe fittings made of polypropylene are less susceptible to abrasion, static and dynamic loads As distinguished from metallic materials. Material has noise absorbing property and does not conduct the vibration. However, the substance is sensitive to oxygen and ultraviolet. For this reason, in the manufacturing process it is required to use special stabilizers and protective systems must be applied during the installation of the pipeline system.  Polypropylene tube rack before corrosion cracking since it is not a metal. Chemically active substances can never affect the strength of the pipeline structure. Polypropylene tubes absorb 2% water at a temperature of 60 °С. Moreover, this material is virtually non-waste, because previously operated tubes can be recycled. Pipes made of polypropylene are ready to serve up to 50 years for cold water supply and up to 25 years for hot water supply. Pipes rack to low temperatures and do not change the chemical properties of water.

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